Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua (AEEA)

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La Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua (AEEA) is one of the most important historical fencing groups in Europe, comprising around 20 individual groups and more than 300 students throughout Spain. In 2002 the first Group was formed in Madrid at the hands of Alberto Bomprezzi with subsequent groups throughout Spain. Eventually, the AEEA was created, bringing together the most important Groups in the country

In 2006 Alberto Bomprezzi obtained, by public exam, the title of Maestro of the AEEA and the organization was subsequently improved. These days, AEEA Groups follow a hierarchy based around merit and fencing ability and mainly imparted by the Provosts, who gain their title through public exams based on teaching work and fencing practice.

Whilst each Group is independent, they all share a common theoretical basis and interpretation of fencing which is focused on the understanding, development and practice of la Verdadera Destreza. The instructors meet periodically in the Academies in order to further the development of new Groups.

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