duellum (latin, duel): classic form of the word bellum (war) probably associated to the word duo (two); inter duo bellum, combat between two people.

A duel is prearranged fight between two individuals, in which the participants agree on the weapons and follow an established set of rules.

The Duo Bellum Hall is an ACEA’s social club dedicated to the study and the spreading of HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) by means of talks, meetings, courses and workshops.

It is unique in Catalonia as a center dedicated exclusively to HEMA.

Given that the instructors and teachers have been trained at the ACEA, most of the activities focus on the longsword (aka hand-and-a-half-sword) and the Spanish Verdadera Destreza, but activities related to other disciplines and weapons will be carried out as well; such as the following:

  • Longsword, 15th century (Mainly Kunst des Fechtens).
  • Rapier, 17th century (with and without dagger), according to the teachings of the Verdadera Destreza, the martial art from the Spanish Golden Age.
  • Sword and buckler, 13th century (I.33)
  • Langes Messer, 15th century (Lecküchner)
  • Classic saber, 18th century (Spanish School: Merelo, Vendrell…)
  • Armored combat (Harnischfechten)
  • Combat Shield
  • Dagger
  • Classic foil
  • Ringen and wrestling
  • Classic Pugilism and Le Boxe Savate

Official Site: https://duobellum.com/