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Christophe Le MillierChristophe Le Millier.

Born in France in 1980, started moderne fencing at the age of 6.
He kept practicing until recently, having trained in various clubs and countries,
competing at regional and national levels.
After some tries at theatrical fencing, he discovered historical fencing in 2003, joining the group Zornhau in Germany and started learning mainly longsword and dagger.
His work gave him opportunities to live in Asia. If it did not let much possibilities to keep training, it gave chances to discover other cultures, other ways of thinking…
Coming back to Europe in 2011, he joined the ACEA where he also start learning Verdadera Destreza.
In 2014, he also joined the group Gagschola in Geneva focusing there on longsword and wrestling.
He also help Switzerland discovering Verdadera Destreza by holding several classes at various events there.

While longsword and rapier are his main focus, he is a keen enthusiast of 18/19 centuries fencing with foil, sabre or Canne.

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Javier Azuaga has been a member of the ACEA (Associació Catalana d’Esgrima Antiga) since 2007, beginning in the world of Historical Fencing with the Longsword. In 2008 he decided to focus his studies on the Spanish Rapier Sword, specialising in the Verdadera Destreza and its extensive documentation, leading to his sound theoretical knowledge of the tradition. In 2010 he was awarded the title of Monitor in recognition of this with responsibility for the introductory classes in Rapier Sword at the ACEA and marking the start of his teaching training. In 2011, Provost of the AEEA Oriol Salvador named him 2nd instructor in Rapier Sword in the Barcelona group, a post which was ratified in 2013 by public exam.He currently combines his role as instructor of Rapier Sword at the ACEA with the study and implementation of the classic Spanish sabre as one of the association’s official weapons.

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Marc FeliuMarc Feliu.Marc Feliu, born in 1979, has always been an enthusiast for close combat techniques, especially in European medieval culture. He practised Taekwondo for three years in Barcelona but abandoned the activity when it started to become a sport.

Marc found out about Historical Fencing in 2009, when he joined the ACEA (Catalan association of historical fencing). He has a strong focus on longsword, and after two years practicing and two more as teacher he became Instructor of the weapon after sitting a public examination in May 2013.

He is interested on the study of all kinds of wapons, but he prefers to study the use of the longsword through the Kunst des Fechtens.

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Oriol Salvador.Born in Sabadell in 1983, Oriol has always been an aficionado of both modern and historical blades and firearms, their morphology, workings and how they are used, as well as in simulations of their use. His first encounters with martial arts were as a boy, when he studied Karate and discovered, almost by chance, that what he really enjoyed was armed combat.

His first 6 years in armed combat were spent in competitive fencing with teachers such as Imre Dobos (Hungary) and Albert Llenas. Competing in the Catalan and even Spanish (Madrid, Burgos) tournaments, he achieved successes. Competitive fencing however, did not satisfy him so he looked to other types of simulations, above all medieval combat.

He moved in bladed weapon simulation circles where he quickly gained a reputation as a fighter to watch, winning tournaments and achieving good classifications. Conscious of the fact that the practice had its limitations, he began to develop a protosystem, analysing different ways of defence and attack in line with the possibilities provided by simulation.

In 2006 Oriol finished his studies and joined the young Sala de Barcelona founded by Mario Orsi. At last it seemed that he had found what he was looking for, the closest possible simulation to combat with bladed weapons from different eras. Helped by the knowledge he had acquired, he realised that he had something to offer the studio of Historical Fencing and began teaching. He is a founder member of the official establishment of the Sala as an Association as well as an instructor.

Aside from his understanding of the Spanish Verdadera Destreza, Oriol focuses his efforts on medieval weaponry, mixing the Lichtenauer tradition with concepts of the Verdadera Destreza and trying to study the Longsword in an analytical way similar to that of the Destreza but at the same time to that which has already been written about it. A lover of double weapons, he brings his experience together with two weapons, Rapier and Dagger and the Lichtenauer tradition to create a solid combat system with medieval Sword and Buckler for students to follow.

In March 2011 he obtained the title of Provost of Arms following examination in Rapier Sword, alone and with Dagger, Longsword and Sword and Buckler.

He is currently studying a degree in Physiotherapy at Universidad Autonoma in Barcelona. Through including biomechanical knowledge in his regular classes he is bringing a more scientific and analytical vision to the practice of the Art.

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